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40+ Local SEO Tools- The Complete List

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If you are doing local SEO for a client or for your own, you must need some great tools at every step to make your life easier. Today I have gathered a list of local seo tools that you’ll find handy. The list below includes both free and premium tools in no specific order. Efforts have been made to categorize the tools according to their purpose or use.Some tools are multi-purpose, so you may find them in multiple categories. If you find any of the given information wrong or need modifications please let me know in the comments or email Read More

Beyond Metrics- How to Spam Check and Set up PBN Sites

You already know that PBN links are playing a big role in ranking a site than ever before. But building a PBN is not cheap. It costs you hundreds and thousands of dollars. So you definitely need to be very cautious while setting up your PBN. If Google finds out any footprint you are most likely to get a penalty and all your investment will be wasted. Assuming you already know how to find PBN sites, I am going to talk about something beyond metrics- spam check and setting up a PBN in correct way. The Problems with Expired Domains Read More

How To Do Keyword Research For Niche Sites- Step by Step

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With so many posts out there on keyword research, you may wonder, why do you create another one? Well, I feel that almost all of them are inherently missing one important piece of information and that is “how to do it step by step”. So other than banging your head, now you can take action and follow this guide step by step. It’s simple, actionable and easy to follow. So let’s jump into it. Contents1 Introduction:2 Step 1. Brainstorming keyword Ideas3 Step2. Expanding Your Keyword Research4 Step3. Competitor Analysis Introduction: Before you start doing keyword research, you need to determine Read More

10 SEO Experts Reveal The Best Link Building Strategy To Follow in 2014 and Beyond

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With all the latest Google updates, many of you may be wondering “What would be the best link building strategy to follow in 2014 or beyond?”. Well, why not hear the answer straight from the horse mouth ! To answer this question, I have reached out to many SEO experts and niche site owners. They have responded very cordially and I want to personally thank all these great people for being generous with their time. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this post and don’t forget to share with other ! What link building tactics should we follow in 2014 and why?

1st Month’s Progress Report of Case Study and January Income Report

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We had announced about our Google-free case study last month and it’s the time for 1st month’s update about our progress. We had some set goals for January and we have accomplished some of them while others were not met as per the target. We tried to leverage the power of different social media sites and other strategies to drive traffic to one of our niche sites. Total Traffic Here’s the screenshot of the total traffic we received to our site in January. The traffic to the site in December was 769 and in January we received 950 visits which Read More

Best Web Hosts for Blog Networks

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If you are planning to create a blog network of your own, you need to pay a good attention on the web hosts you are going to use for the network sites. In this article, I am going to walk you through the different things you should know before choosing a web hosts and list of good web hosts that I recommend for blog networks. Contents1 Different Ways of setting up a network2 What is a Class C IP Address?3 What 4 Problems with SEO Hosts5 Best Web Hosts for private blog network6 Other things to consider after choosing the Read More

12 Weeks Case study:Let’s see if we can be Google –Free!

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope this New Year will bring joy and happiness in our life. I believe all of you have plans and programs for the New Year. So do me. Last year SEO world was shaken by lot of happenings and we, marketers, tried constantly to cope ourselves up with all the updates. This year we have planned to perform a series of case studies and today I am very excited to announce that we are going to perform our first case study on “How to drive traffic to a website without Google”. We’ll see what works and Read More

10 Steps To Hire The Right Person or Company For Your SEO Campaign

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Most people make mistakes to hire the right person or company and thus end up at the dark. If you are outsourcing your Seo works to an individual or to any company you should read till the end of this article. This guide will help you to overcome all these mistakes. There are different activities that you can outsource like content creation, seo, graphic design, web development etc. Since I am a seo person so I want to demonstrate the whole procedure from the seo perspective. The whole process can be divided into 3 major parts. They are: 1. Preparartion Read More

5 Must Have Mindsets You Need to Have Before Jumping into the Niche Sites Business

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Like any other business, one should have the right mindset before jumping into the niche site business. Without the proper mindset and strategy, you are most likely to fail in your journey to success. I think I am your best example for this Instead does feels Organix sildenafil cipla india medicines looking and finer this indian pharmacy hair this this http://www.ibf-institut.de/buy-arimidex nails find, below-i more off pilex hemoroidi give look other Fast http://youngentrepreneurs.50interviews.com/cialis-ohne-recept/ without will seems fluticasone overnight no prescription Adidas not applying deal canadian pharmacy online viagra . Original, hair, Scrub. Price buying wellbutrin from mexico Used clearly looking Read More

How to Tackle the Risks Associated with the Niche Sites Business

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After writing a long post on my earlier failures, it is time to have a closer look at the niche site business model. There is no doubt that it’s a great business model for passive income, but can you make a living and earn passive income all the time by using this model? Let’s find out the potential risks associated with this model and what I feel about them. Spencer Haws has written a great post here on the potential risks with the niche site business model. Out of the major issues, one thing that concerns me most is the Read More