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Blog Network Set Up Service

Blog Network Set Up Service

We know this is an arguable strategy and one of the expensive strategies out there but we believe that it’s a great SEO strategy if you can afford. The process is to purchase high quality expired domains and set up your own network following the best practices.We run the potential domains through a series of checklists to make sure we are picking up the right domain.

    • - You do not have any control over the quality of sites
    • - Recurring monthly fee.
    • - Chances of leaving footprints. As a result high risk of getting penalty.
    • - Links usually drop of the PR page/Homepage after certain period.
    • - Link Juice gets shared with other sites.
    • N.B: Please check the FAQ section for more information.

Package Name




Micro 5 websites Network


Mini 10 websites Network


Mega 15 Websites Network



01. What are the typical criteria that you look at while researching the domains?

We usually try to find domains that have high authority and a clean link profile. Our threshold limit is to find sites that have

Domain authority >10

Page Authority>10

Link to Root Domain >10+ ( Link profile should be clean and no link from adult websites)

Citation Flow>10 & Little or no Link drops

Page Rank >0 ( can be modified as per your need)

02. Why do you need 60 days to transfer the domain?

According to ICANN policy it’s not allowed to transfer any domain to anyone for 60 days from the date of registration. So we can’t really help with that. but you’ll have the complete access to the backend of the website and we’ll help you with the transfer after 60 days.

03. Will you purchase and set up the domains for me?

Yes, we do purchase domains for you. We’ll pay the 1st years registration fee (including whois guard). After we are done with the transfer you’ll need to bear the fees from the next years.

04. Who will purchase the hosting?

– You have to bear the hosting fees. We’ll suggest you some good hosting companies to make the process easier for you.

05. Do you recommend SEO host for PBN?

-No we don’t. We strongly recommend to host the site not only on different class C IP but also use complete different hosts. Thus you can minimize the risks of leaving footprints.

06. How fast do you get started?

We usually start the work within 24-48 hrs. We keep close relation with the clients and you’ll be notified at every step of the process.